BlogHealthy ingredients of FIRST IN energy bars

Healthy ingredients of FIRST IN energy bars

The vitamin-mineral structure of FIRST IN BARS is completely natural, without subsequent interventions; it contains only what nature gives us. Complete and balanced in every way, it gives nutritional value to the meal.
They contain vitamin C whose impact on the body is magnificent and immeasurable, and B-complex vitamins (the results of their actions being beautiful skin, hair and nails). When we have enough of these vitamins stored in our body, we sleep well and have enough energy because they serve in the metabolism of carbohydrates. Their deficiency directly affects the health of the cardiovascular system. Each of the B vitamins plays an important role in the body and some B-group vitamins also work together in the body in many processes.
The fat-soluble vitamins contained in the product are vitamin A (important in protein synthesis and thus directly involved in building of every cell in the body), vitamin E (an excellent antioxidant) and vitamin K (its purpose is to help blood coagulate and thus prevent bleeding of any form).

⁃    NUTS
They contain everything necessary for optimal brain cell function and are very effective in intellectual efforts. Simple sugars are the only energy source for the brain, while unsaturated fatty acids, which are rich in nuts, are needed for the myelin sheaths of the nerves.

A source of carbohydrates and fiber as the main nutrients. Although these are sugars, and people who suffer from diabetes look at it with suspicion, it is mostly fructose (monosaccharide), but with a different metabolic pathway, that does not require insulin and thus does not raise blood glucose levels.