BlogPurpose and benefits First In energy bars.

Purpose and benefits First In energy bars.
FIRST IN ENERGY & PROTEIN BARS are raw bars (50 g) made by mixing nuts, dried fruits and spices, without added sugar, additives or preservatives. They are perfect both as a snack between meals or as a delicious snack on its own. They satisfy 10% of the daily calorie intake, and comprise nutritionally rich and wholesome meal from a qualitative point of view.

They are intended for anyone who doesn’t have time to prepare balanced and healthy snacks, and are especially convenient for: vegetarians, rawists, people who follow a gluten-free diet, people on reduction diets, as well as athletes and students.

They are recommended for: asthenia and anemia in children and young people (during growth and development), people with irregular diet, people with weak immune system and people under stress.

They are also suitable for people with increased need for psychophysical endurance and alertness, athletes, amateurs and for preventive preservation of health and vitality. They are also recommended for people who want to lose weight. Since they contain well-soluble fruit fibers that speed up sluggish bowel, they are an aid in the release of waste and toxic substances, they protect digestion from putrefaction and stimulate appetite, which is attributed to an increase in fiber volume in the digestive tract.

At work, on the road, on a trip to nature, after sports activities, when tired, at school, before a demanding meeting and when the body is looking for something sweet, but you want to avoid unhealthy snacks...
Convenient packaging allows you to always have FIRST IN bars at hand when needed.