BlogWhat is behind the V label?

The V-label, i.e. the European vegetarian label, is a unique quality label that has been assigned by the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) for more than 20 years to products manufactured in accordance with vegetarian and vegan ethics or services provided under it.
Its primary objective is to enable consumers to easily identify products without constituents of animal origin, as well as the places where they can consume such products.
The V-label has become the most recognisable and most prominent vegan and vegetarian symbol worldwide, indicating that the V label has also been introduced on their products by many internationally renowned companies such as Unilever, Ikea, DM, SPAR, Lidl, Rauch, Kaufland and others. At present, more than 30 000 products bear a V-label worldwide.
Holding a V label certificate gives companies the opportunity to promote their products more effectively, both domestically and abroad, and can bring additional recognition, popularity and profit to them and highlight the quality and reliability of the product.
The V-label is intended for vegetarians, vegans, people who, for religious reasons, do not consume foodstuffs of animal origin, but also all others who want to feed healthier and more responsibly and take care of the ingredients of the products they buy every day. Manufacturers bearing the V label offer consumers a transparent, trusted, trusted and controlled product that is accessible to all. The v-label not only guarantees that a particular product has a vegan or vegetarian composition, but also confirms that the production of that product complies with vegan and vegetarian ethical principles. Also, the V-label is guaranteed and that certified products have not been tested on animals.
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