Privacy policy and terms of use of personal data

We, AP Solutions d.o.o., Rijeka, OIB:11251672772, are the producer and seller of an eco-product. In our activity, we collect and process personal data from our customers and parties interested in our products, while respecting all relevant laws and regulations.
Protecting your privacy is our priority, please read this information carefully!
This privacy policy concerns the confidentiality of personal data collected in the process of registering Kupaco Internet site and in the process of registering the Beneficiary of Recipients of Products and Opportunities of the Website This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Call Conditions (Pre-contractual Notices).
AP Solutions d.o.o., as provider of the Internet site complies with the applicable rules in order to protect the privacy of its Kupac and the Beneficiary, in particular the EU General Data Protection Regulation. This document describes the processing of personal data by the controller AP Solutions d.o.o., Adriatic Square 1, Rijeka (hereinafter ‘First In’).
The Users of the Internet site (hereinafter “Buyers”) or the Recipients of the Notifications of First In Products Products and Opportunities (hereinafter “Users”) are directed to read all the above on this page in order to facilitate their understanding of what data First In collects and processes, for what purpose, on what legal basis, with whom and why it shares, what safeguards it implements, and what your rights are in relation to access, rectification, erasure and your right to object.
Any Kupac or beneficiary who has any questions regarding their personal data may send an email to
By accepting this Privacy Policy by clicking, at the time of registering the customer or registering on the website, the Beneficiary of the Recipient of the notice of the products and opportunities of the web shop, Kupac or the Beneficiary, confirms that he or she has read, understood and agrees to the processing of personal data as defined in this Statement.