Complaints and refunds

In the event of a complaint, damage in delivery, data transmission error or other defect, please contact us within two working days of receipt of the shipment. The buyer must send a communication by e-mail to or to AP Solutions d.o.o., Adriatic Square 1, 51000 Rijeka, in writing within the legal time limit of 14 days.
The right to advertising shall be acquired by the beneficiary if:
goods not delivered following instructions given in the order
goods delivered do not meet the standards
there has been damage on delivery
When the goods are received, checking the correctness of the order depends on the customer and the customer is obliged to compare the items received with the invoice, if something is missing, it is necessary to mention this immediately, as subsequent complaints will not be taken into account.
We will resolve all these complaints with the agreement of the customer/recipient of the goods.
Solve your consumer dispute out of court
In the event of a dispute, we would like to inform you that you can use out-of-court resolution mechanisms for consumer disputes by initiating an out-of-court dispute resolution procedure by submitting a complaint to the body responsible for alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes operating in the Republic of Croatia (the Court of Honour of the Croatian Economic Chamber, the Mediation Centre of the Croatian Economic Chamber).
Online dispute resolution
Specific regulation of the European Union, of 15. 2. In 2016, online shopping disputes can be solved across the EU via the platform you can access here.
This means that if you encounter a problem during an online purchase within the EU (defect product, no replacement of the product, etc.), you can submit your complaint on the top link.
The platform can be used by both consumers and traders, and a complaint can be submitted in any of the 23 official EU languages.