Almira Osmanović, Croatian Prima Ballerina and the first National Ballet Champion

In 1979, Almira became a soloist at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb and was soon recognized as one of the most prominent dancers in Yugoslavia.

In 1993, she was proclaimed the first Croatian National Ballet Champion.
For several years, as a regular guest dancer, he performed in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Duisburg and Bern.
Winner of numerous domestic and foreign awards. She travels the world as a dancer, choreographer, artistic director, and professional judge.


I have dedicated my whole life to dance, primarily classical ballet.
In terms of physical effort, classical ballet can be compared to many of the most difficult sports. In order to have top results, except for a great investment and sacrifice, we must also pay attention to nutrition.
I think it is clear to everyone today that a healthy diet affects our psychophysical condition, and therefore our results.
As a dancer, I worked extremely hard all my life and my physical strength was important to me.
 I don't dance anymore, but I do pedagogical work, choreograph, research the movement and transmit it, and I show my students a lot so I still have to be in great shape, which I succeed in doing.
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