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Energy bars are perfect both as a snack between meals or as a delicious snack on its own. They satisfy 10% of the daily calorie intake, and comprise nutritionally rich and wholesome meal from a qualitative point of view.

For whom?

They are intended for anyone who doesn’t have time to prepare balanced and healthy snacks, and are especially convenient for: vegetarians, rawists, people who follow a gluten-free diet, people on reduction diets, as well as athletes and students.


At work, on the road, on a trip to nature, after sports activities, when tired, at school, before a demanding meeting and when the body is looking for something sweet, but you want to avoid unhealthy snacks...
Purpose and benefits First In energy bars.
FIRST IN ENERGY & PROTEIN BARS are raw bars (50 g) made by mixing nuts, dried fruits and spices, without added sugar, additives or preservatives. They are perfect both as a snack between meals...
Healthy ingredients of FIRST IN energy bars
Healthy ingredients of FIRST IN energy bars VITAMIN-MINERAL STRUCTURE The vitamin-mineral structure of FIRST IN BARS is completely natural, without subsequent interventions; it contains only...
Does the Eco label guarantee quality?
The EU organic logo guarantees that:   Production shall respect nature. The product has been produced sustainably. Organic producers are controlled annually by control bodies. This...
What is behind the V label?
The V-label, i.e. the European vegetarian label, is a unique quality label that has been assigned by the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) for more than 20 years to products manufactured in...

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